Gugu The Baker is a Chef that offers all affordable and ‘worth-the-cost’ delectable novelty specialty cakes for all functions and events. My aim is to bring all your imaginations to life and make your special day/ celebration memorable.

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We craft edible art that expresses who you are and helps you share your joy and happiness with those close to you. It therefore takes a great deal of attention to your wishes as our valuable customer, incorporated with our undisputed mastery in our art and a number of intense hours spent in trying to see you smile just for us to make a cake!

We only have one standard, EXCELLENCE! From the premium ingredients that we use, all throughout the baking, icing and decorating process, right down to the packaging, we compromise on nothing and sometimes move Heaven and Earth to ensure your satisfaction! At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you value your celebration and the success of it with all its beaut and perfection.


Cell: 033 386 0066


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