From vintage style wedding cakes and favours to elaborate birthday cakes, the style at Velveteen is soft and elegant with a sprinkling of funk and magic.

Fully customized, hand-made and edible pieces fly out of this studio in an array of flavours and styles which are created to blow the mind and extend the imagination

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What makes my babies special and unique is that I pour my love and imagination into EVEYTHING I do.

My goal is to get as much information from a client as possible in order for me to ensure the best and most beautiful products as possible.

Everything I sell I have personally made myself and all embellishments, chocolate and fondant decorations have been handcrafted from scratch.

I try my utmost to use free-range and organic products that are all locally sourced, such as my secret raw sugar and 100% free-range eggs.

For those of us who are gluten and wheat intolerant, many of my babies can be made wheat and gluten free, and for the healthy eaters out there (unfortunately I’m not one of them… *sigh*) all my products can be made with healthier alternatives.

As we all know, its a dog-eat-dog world and because I have the luxury of time and love to give my products, I have been able to charge incredible competitive rates for my clients. Larger orders get even cheaper! Yipee!


Cell : 082 332 0235