Dance School SA live and breathe dancing. With 30 years’ experience teaching ballroom and Latin dancing, Estelle and Claudia are passionate about what they do. This dynamic duo recommends dancing for anyone who wants to have fun, build their self-confidence and self-esteem or make new friends.

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There is no such thing as ‘I don’t have rhythm’. Dance School SA will reintroduce you to the rhythm within you. We keep things simple, so whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, you will feel at ease.

The learning process is repetitive, so you will soon be in the swing of things. Forget about the ‘two left feet’ notion, Dance School SA will ensure your two left feet will come right. Everyone has to start somewhere. Once you master the art of dancing, strut your stuff at social clubs, weddings, corporate functions, formal dances and birthday celebrations. Everyone in the room will wish they had your talent.

If you are bored of the gym, dancing is fun, provides entertainment and will keep you fit. It also improves hand/eye co-ordination and keeps your heart healthy. Swap the heavy weights for dancing shoes. You will never look back.

Estelle and Claudia offer different teaching styles. Claudia trained Alano Gouveia for three years. Today Alano is among the best dancers in the world. Dance School SA works with Boys Town and previously worked with Oprah Winfrey’s Seven Fountains Primary School in Kokstad.

Situated in Glenwood, the studio has safe and secure parking. Dance School SA offers group courses and private lesson. Advanced courses are also available. Need to practice dancing for your wedding? Bring along your wedding party and we will choreograph your dance for you. It’s fun first at Dance School SA, it’s not rocket science. It’s only a dance. Come learn to dance.

Why Dance?

Dance is a stress reliever; get fit while having fun; improve your hand/eye co-ordination; moving keeps your heart healthy.

Make new friends in a sober environment; network and make new business connections in a relaxed setting.

Personal development
Learning a skill like dancing improves your self-confidence, self-esteem and gives you a sense of achievement.

So, what’s stopping you? “I don’t have rhythm”
Yes you do. Life is all about rhythm. You might just need to be reintroduced to yours and we help you find it.

“I’m left-handed”
Lefties learn just as easily as righties. We keep it simple.

“I have two left feet”
If you have two left feet, then you qualify for one of our beginner couses. Everyone on the course is in the same boat!

“I’ll look like an idiot”
Everybody has to start somewhere. The teaching is slow and repetitive. No spectators are alllowed, so you can feel at ease.

  • Where can you use what you learn?
  • Social clubs (Italian / Le Domaine / Kloof / Stella Bowling Club / German Club)
  • Weddings
  • 21st Birthdays
  • Corporate teambuilding
  • Matric dances
  • Kitchen teas
  • Engagement parties


Most girls have the fantasy from a very young age to have a dream wedding. They want it to be unforgettable and perfect. Something she can cherish for the rest of her life. This fairy tale includes dancing cheek to cheek with her gorgeous husband.

From the moment you are engaged, you are faced with a never ending barrage of decisions, so the groom is asked to arrange for dance lessons. As much as he wants to give his bride her magical wedding, the fear of the unknown and the fear of making a fool of himself, puts making that call, last on his “to do” list.

Then a month before the wedding i receive this Whatsapp ” Hi, hope you can help. I’m  getting married next month and my fiance and I need a quick lesson or two. Nothing formal, just something we can do for about a minute. Something quick and easy. She is ok, but I have 2 left feet and no sense of rhythm:) Please squeeze us in somewhere as my fiance is seriously …….:(.with me.

So with this in mind , I make the lessons fun, casual dress and no spectators. We plan the lessons around the time that suits the couple which includes Fri, Sat and Sundays.

When they arrive for their 1st  lesson the author of the Whatsapp, reminds me he has 2 left feet and no sense of rhythm.

Within 10min they are shocked how quickly they are getting the steps and how well they are feeling the rhyme of their favourite song. THIS CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED IN A RELAXED ENVIRONMENT, WHICH i PROVIDE. Initially the request is for a short , simple dance. Now as the confidence grows, they are requesting twirls, spins and dips OMG! Now they want to learn a few dances to dance the entire evening. Now the groom is the one regretting not phoning sooner.

As i have the ability to teach anyone to dance, my only request is do the lessons sooner than later. The fuss of planning a wedding is huge. Family start flying in from all  corners of the world and the couples start to attack each other—–I suggest that they should elope and they agree.

You never need many dance lessons  for you to enjoy your wedding dance, BUT, and this is a big butt, please start early, so you can enjoy your lessons and learn with ease.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a special dance for your fun-filled day.


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