Sasseens Jewellers

At Sasseen’s Jewellers we specialise in unique and personalised designs. For us, your jewellery is not just an object made of gold and diamonds but a reflection of you, your personality and what makes you special. We will never be satisfied until we know you are satisfied. Our business is built on service. Since our establishment in 1890, we are the fourth generation of family jewellers and have not changed our approach to our clients. Our first priority is to welcome you and chat in a friendly environment in order to establish what your requirements are. This comes with no obligation to make a decision or purchase at this time. If the item discussed is not available in our store at the time we will have the detailed design sketched while you wait or have the sketch ready for you upon your return to our store. At Sasseens, jewellery purchased from our store is about sentiment not price. We will establish your budget and work our magic according to this. Once we have received your go ahead we will proceed to create the article and once complete we will invite you to collect your dream piece handed over with pride and built over four generations of family jewellery history.


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