Anusha Jedidiah is an Attorney, Conveyancer and a Notary Public who has been assisting bridal couples with their Antenuptial contract for years.

The firm specialises in Antenuptial contracts, property transfers, apostilles, Authentications, notarial matters and winding up of estates.

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An Antenuptial contract is a once off investment and you have to be certain of the type of contract that you choose. An Antenuptial contract governs the proprietary (financial) consequences of your marriage

An Antenuptial contract saves you from being liable for the debts of your spouse. If you don’t have an Antenuptial contract your marriage will automatically be In Community of Property and you will be liable for your spouse’s debts as well as your own. This can be a problem for a spouse who is responsible with their finances and if the other spouse becomes insolvent for any reason. Life is unpredictable and sometimes through no fault of their own, one spouse may owe creditors money. Your marital regime cannot be changed if this happens so having and paying for an Antenuptial contract now is a small investment for peace of mind later as you will be protected from the insolvency of your spouse.

We offer comprehensive advice and can structure your Antenuptial contract to suit your requirements. An Antenuptial contract has to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public to be valid against creditors. As Notaries and Attorneys, we can advise you and guide you on the best type of contract for you.

We also do Apostilles, Authentications and Legalisations of documents so if you are planning on working or moving overseas, we can assist with the legalising of your documents.

Should you choose to purchase a home we can assist with the conveyancing and transfer of the property and advise you on the sale agreement before you sign.