David Weeks is an internationally recognised photographer, who has been taking photographs worldwide for the past 19 years.

Specialising in wedding and fashion photography, David offers his clients exclusive and trendy photoshoots either in the studio or on location. He is flexible and is able to make the best of any situation. He offers you his undivided attention when it comes to your memorable moment. His photography can be described as flawless and immaculate. David adapts his own individual style of photography by incorporating a technical and creative side of photography together to get a unique representation of you. He applies the same techniques when it comes to videography. David creates a perfect story from the beginning to the end. You can be assured that you will receive high-quality photos and clear videography.

He uses cutting-edge lighting techniques to transform your environment into a dream land. He has many years of experience when it comes to wedding photography. He captures every detailed moment on your special day. At David Weeks Photographic, we offer the bridal party an option to have a photoshoot done at the studio as well as on the location of the wedding.

David’s vast portfolio consists of wedding, corporate, fashion, animals, models, cuisine, boudoir, physiques, families, maternity, and landscape photography. We understand that choosing a photographer can be a difficult task, but we make it simple by offering you the best that the industry has. We provide custom made packages that suit you and your budget. We have affordable photography and videography packages at your service.

David makes use of the natural surroundings to create the perfect pictures. Let your wedding, corporate function or family photoshoot be done by a professional. With international recognition and many years of experience, you are certain to receive the best that world has to offer.


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