I am a Registered Counsellor currently in private practice in Umhlanga and Morningside and  offer counselling, play therapy, group therapy and adults’ and children’s workshops.

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My area of qualification is trauma resulting from any life experiences which cause severe emotional pain such as divorce, abuse, illness, crime, relationships, bereavement. The psychological intervention I offer is short term, supportive counselling and coping skills training.

I am a qualified Junior Primary Teacher, hold a BA Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Social Science (Psychology) and have an intermediate certificate in Play Therapy.

My passion for psychology and understanding human behaviour began as a young adult and my studies and experiences have helped me to make sense of a chaotic world and live with more peace and harmony.

I believe everybody has the ability to lead a joyful and peaceful life. Happiness is not determined by our external circumstances but rather by our perception of them. The way we view the world is determined early in childhood when negative false beliefs and perceptions are created. Once these are brought from our subconscious into our awareness we are able to examine and re-evaluate them. In order to live fulfilling lives, we need to free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions.

I believe each person should walk their own path and re-discover their unique self at their own pace while being gently supported. As a counsellor I offer a safe, sacred space in which to do this.

I invite everyone to embark on a personal journey of self discovery. It is a great privilege for me to witness each client’s unique transformation.


Cell number: 063 678 5352

Email: therapy@wendykempster.co.za