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Moments are special and people say “live in the moment” however that moment is going to pass. There are moments that you need to treasure and be able to live over and over again.  Pregnancy is an exceptional time of a woman’s life and should be celebrated with the family. Creative photography can turn a maternity shoot into a fun work of art that you will be able to treasure long after the baby is born. After the birth having studio photos of your child at various ages is a wonderful way to remember the different stages of growing up. Lifestyle photography has gained popularity in recent times and can be used for personalised gifting or décor ideas.


Your wedding day is the beginning of a new family as well as the combination of two families. This is an exceptionally special day, every moment should be treasured and documented in an artistic way so that years later you can review and enjoy the wonderful experience. A growing trend is to hire a videographer. Videography is a fantastic way to relive your wedding day and experience, the sights sounds and atmosphere of the day.


Beyond measure offers various packages to suit needs and budgets. The quality of work is evident on the website. Videography takes patience talent and attention to detail to ensure that your video shows the best and most important parts of your day. Still photography will never be replaced for artistic ability but videos of your day is a wonderful memento. Video invitations have grown in popularity is well and is a wonderful way to set the tone of your special day. Whether you are photographing a rare family get together because of distance or an intimate shoot of your immediate family or shooting a video of your wedding day, Beyond Measure has the solution for you.