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Every woman is beautiful in their own way.  That is the absolute truth, but every woman wants to look their best for a special occasion, and have a bit of pampering and someone fussing over them in the process. It makes you feel special and who does not like feeling special. The day to day application of makeup is considerably less involved than the make-up used for photography and fashion shows.  Highlighting your best features is an art form and the results are always surprising and inspiring.

Having your make-up done by the best in the industry means you know you will look great, your absolute best no matter the occasion. The use of quality products ensures your glamourous look to stay put for a long time, no touch ups required.

Health and beauty is a growing industry not only in Durban and South Africa but globally.  With this growth there are people that have a passion for the work they are doing. Blush Make Up is an example of people that have succeeded in an industry due to their passion and innovation.  Not only have they reached the position where they are on call for huge events such as the Durban July and Cape Town fashion week, their passion continues to giving back to the community by being an agent for your talent in the health and beauty industry.

Models looking for an updated portfolio need to have a number of different looks. Using different make up techniques and contouring your portfolio can be as unique and intriguing as you are and show agents many different sides of you. Showing your versatility as either a model or an actor.

Make-up has come a really long way since the only shade of lipstick being a really bright red and Blush Make Up know all the secrets.

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