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Photography & Videography


Capturing your special moments is something to be cherished for a life time. At Desmonds Photography and Videography, we understand the importance of seizing every moment of life. We offer you professional wedding photography and videography. We believe that your wedding day reflects who you and you partner are. At Desmonds Photography and Video, we think that each person is different and needs to be treated according to their individual characteristics. By offering your creativity and professionalism, we create a comfortable environment to capture your moods and emotions. Out videography style is harmonious. We let your special day tell a story that is unfolding by itself. We have adapted the latest editing skills to give you professional images and videos.  At Desmonds Photography and Video, we invest all our time to ensure every detailed moment of your special day is captured. We also specialise in family photo shoots, birthday parties, conferences, school photography and recreation events photography. We adapt our photography and videography skills to any location. Our company offers you high-quality photography and videography. We use the latest technological equipment and lighting to create professional images. Desmond has many years of experience when it comes to dealing with weddings and functions, therefore making us experts in this industry. We have custom made packages to suit your individual desires and budget. Desmonds Photography and Video has both national and international photography and videography experience. We are able to work in any environment or location selected by you. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service and to ensure high-quality standards. We want our clients to be happy and satisfied with service we provide. If you are in search for qualified photographer and videographer to capture your special moment the way you have envisioned it, then Desmonds Photography and Video is what you are looking for.