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Do you want a whiter, brighter smile that will help you feel confident and look your best? Then Dr Natasha Maharaj can help you. Dr Maharaj specialises in cosmetic dentistry and has established herself as a friendly and professional dentist in Kloof who always has her patient’s best interests at heart. Dr Maharaj is a family dental practice. From oral hygiene to treatment planning, moms, dads and children can all have beautiful gleaming white teeth after a dentist appointment with us.

Why take care of your teeth? Looking after your teeth can help prevent infection and disease. Regular check-ups at a dentist will ensure your gums stay healthy and your teeth are free from cavities and plaque build-up. Taking care of your teeth prevents bad breath, minimises tooth decay and helps prevent gum disease. Don’t neglect your oral hygiene. A bright, happy smile is what we strive for. Our practice believe your smile is worth unaccountable wealth. For all your aesthetic dentistry requirements, book an appointment today. Whether it’s veneers, crowns and bridges, we’ll help you have the smile you’ve always wanted. Veneers are perfect to help worn teeth look rejuvenated. In addition to this, we do teeth alignment.

Thinking of getting dentures? We have everything you will need when it comes to all your implant dentistry needs. We offer acrylic chrome and implant support. If you need teeth whitening done, give us a call now. A teeth whitening session is ideal before your big wedding day, modelling portfolio, milestone event or even if you just come in for a teeth cleaning.Book your next dentist appointment with Dr Natasha Maharaj. A private practise, we are contracted to most medical aid schemes.