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Do you want to look and feel your best all year round? Then MLite can make that dream a reality. You can now experience South Africa’s first Glutathoine spray for skin whitening. This perfectly harmless product will help you look radiant and beautiful. We live in a country with many different cultures – our product is for every culture.

Spray on the Glutathoine spray. This product is ideal for full body skin whitening. It lightens dark spots, lightens underarm and bikini line and even heals post acne scaring. If your skin feels dry, this spray will nourish your skin and bring back its natural glow. Even better, this fantastic spray reduces fine lines and wrinkles – there’s no growing old for you! Glutathoine spray is free of hydroquinone, mercury, lead, steroids, all parabens and alcohol. Now Glutathoine is also available in capsules. MLite’s Glutathione Skin Whitening capsules are the highest formulation in Africa. MLite guarantees the purest form of genuine Anti-oxidants. We use 99% pure L-glutathione which is verified in our raw material test reporting 99% assay. Compared to other L-glutathione brands, we assure you that our Capsule only contains the purest form within its formulation. Travelers, look no further. MLite UV Defense SPF50+eq is for all skin types. This sunscreen leaves no white residue on application and enhances your natural skin tone. For skin lightening, take advantage of our De-pigmentation Gel. This is a non-greasy gel that is designed to correct pigmentation, age spots, melasma, acne marks, scars, uneven skin tone and freckles.

This product is designed to work faster and safer than any other product on the market. This is shade-by-shade facial whitening like you have never seen it before. Who can resist using a product that has 12 skin lightening activities in one product? Call MLite today for perfect, beautiful, flawless skin!