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Mystical Pyrotechnics, a company based in Kloof, Kwa Zulu Natal can turn any event into the talk of the town. They specialize in beautiful stage decor, wedding decor, fireworks displays, pyrotechnics and indoor displays. The team at Mystical Pyrotechnics are qualified and experienced. They have many years of experience in the industry.

Are you celebrating an anniversary or special event? Mystical Pyrotechnics work on events like weddings, launches or corporate functions. Our indoor pyrotechnics adds a magical touch to any celebration. Most people think fireworks are reserved for massive outdoor events. With the latest technology in it is now possible to have a display in smaller more confined spaces. For example it is now possible to have a fireworks display in a courtyard or garden.

Mystical Pyrotechnics can advise you on the best combination of fireworks to achieve a spectacular effect. We determine what pyrotechnics and entertainment you need based on the size of your event, venue and budget. We have a fireworks store of the best indoor, outdoor and close-proximity fireworks. Our fireworks are low-smoke and non-toxic, so that your guests are safe and comfortable. Some of these fireworks are manufactured so that they are safe to use on stages or close to buildings. They are extremely entertaining for your guests as they are seen up close rather than high up in the air like traditional fireworks.

Mystical Pyrotechnics also specializes in stage and wedding decor. We are focused on customer satisfaction and provide the best displays, decor and value for money.