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Marriage Officer

A wedding is such a special time in your life. When I marry a couple, I can literally feel the love between them. Every effort is made to ensure the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony fits perfectly. Even if it means meeting as often as possible, my goal is to ensure it’s a blissful, wonderful, memorable wedding ceremony. Remember, your ceremony doesn’t have to be traditional, but reflect who you are as a couple.

You choose the venue, whether it’s a beach, church, lodge or home. I’m willing to travel anywhere in KwaZulu-Natal or further should you wish. As an experienced pastor and marriage officer at Pathfinder Ministries, I take care of both legal and ceremonies.

Your paperwork will be sorted out without a hiccup. Should a couple choose not to have a wedding ceremony and just want the marriage registered correctly, I will make sure things are done correctly. You won’t even have to see the inside of a Home Affairs office. So the process is stress-free and convenient.

As your marriage officer, I offer customised wedding ceremonies and modern or traditional ceremonies. All you have to do, is show up, relax and be blessed with a spectacular day. I also offer pre-marital counselling. This is totally optional, but I recommend it to all couples. With me presiding over your wedding day, everything from the scripture reading to the service will be unforgettable.

Contact Pastor Daniel Finlay at Pathfinder Ministries. Helping you get there, I will guide you through the process. Enjoy your journey together. God be with you.