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I studied photography at Natal Technikon for three years and acquired my National Diploma in photography in 1997. I have travelled the world extensively working amongst some of the best professional photographers in the business. I have had training with the late master photographer Monte Zucker and recently with professional photographer, Doug Gordon. They both share a common style of providing a fast and efficient way of photographing people and functions. I have worked as a photographer on the cruise ships in the United States of America and have had eight years of experience in that field. It covers all aspects of photography from candid photography, through to advanced studio formal portraiture. I have photographed hundreds of weddings whilst on board, averaging about two to three a week as well as photography and videography for most religious ceremonies with experience in diverse cultural environments. Whilst working on the cruise ships I developed one of the world’s first on board schools of photography which catered for non- English first language crew. I then took on the responsibility of Photographic Department Manager for the cruise ships. While achieving my personal goals I gained an immense amount of information and techniques from photographers all over the world. My knowledge in photography is an ever growing process and I utilise and embrace the best of what technology has to offer. I do customised packages to meet your budget and needs; having been trained in all areas of professional photography and with over twenty years of experience and exposure to the photographic industry, I am confident that I am able to meet your requirements. My goal is to “exceed your expectations by providing you a quality service at an affordable price.”