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Since 1997 the Tekweni String Quartet has been playing beautiful music and sharing special moments with many people. Through our music we have always been passionate about making every occasion extraordinary; whether it’s for a bride’s arrival at her wedding ceremony or background music for your corporate function, the entertainment we provide will add a touch of magic. Although we have been around for almost twenty years we have still managed to stay current and relevant. We have a wide repertoire which consists of all the regular classics as well as light background music and pop music and enjoy playing live music best of all. The musicians themselves are responsible for most of the arrangements which makes playing the songs all the more fun. There is also a Tekweni String Trio available made up of these very musicians playing songs from the same music list. What is the difference between the Quartet and the Trio one might ask? The Quartet is made up of two violins, a viola and a cello whereas the Trio is made up of only one violin, a viola and cello. The Trio is a good option for when space and budget is limited and the quartet is usually recommended for outdoor or large functions. Many amazing musicians have played in the Tekweni String Quartet over the years and the list of names is too long to repeat. Being former KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra players, full time musicians or teachers we are the true professionals. Our music collection continues to grow and if you would like a special song or piece of music that is not on our list, you can let us know and we would be happy to do an arrangement of it if it’s suitable for strings.